How to use

We include advice about how to use Radical Reward Charts to their best effect; when to reward your child with a move up the chart, what types of reward are the most effective, how not to use our charts.

In brief:

  • Let your child choose their own chart and get involved right from the outset
  • Get them started straight away with an early reward
  • Motivate them by rewarding them for unexpected good behaviours
  • Lead by example, don't expect your child to put away his/her shoes if you don't!
  • Don't move them down the chart for bad behaviour (bad behaviour needs to be dealt with separately)
  • Make a big deal of your child reaching the top and make them feel special

So go on, order yours today and see the difference a week makes of using the charts.

All our charts are £14 which includes postage and personalisation! So really cost effective as you can use them over and over again. Only one chart needed for every good behaviour.

You wont regret it and you will be rewarded with a well behaved, happy child. 


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